Milan, Leonardo accelerates for Higuain. And Chelsea defeats itself

The Blues stop, the Rossoneri are on pole. And Pipita approaches Bonucci to Juventus. The Devil insists with Caldara for the defender The market axis between Milan and Turin remains very hot. Milan and Juventus are working on a mega operation starting from the deal that could bring Gonzalo Higuain into the Rossoneri. Chelsea, aimed…read more

Juventus, Ronaldo: “The fans surprised me, so I can only come from Real to come here”

The Portuguese champion at Sky: “The Champions League is not an obsession, it’s difficult, but I think it’s possible” “I did not expect the reaction of the fans (the applause of Juventus after the goal in reverse at the Stadium, ed.) I already liked this club, but after that moment even more”. So Cristiano Ronaldo…read more

Juventus, Ronaldo: the global phenomenon. “Do you realize who took Agnelli?”

On his first day in bianconero it was possible to see all the greatness of CR7. The media around the world at his feet. “A figure beyond sport” The CR7 day leaves a strong and clear message: someone has ever seen someone in Italy. None of the big ones who trod our fields was remotely…read more

Juve in pressing on Golovin: the offer has risen to 19 million

The offer was raised but the answer remained the same: a courteous but decided niet. On the Turin-Moscow axis, contacts continue for Aleksandr Golovin, a Russian star who is lighting up the home team, but Juventus now takes home another refusal. Yesterday, Golovin looked away from the bench with Uruguay, but he was nevertheless subject…read more

Juventus challenge Guardiola for the jewel of the World Cup

Daniel Arzani, nineteen years old, is the youngest player in the world championship. And his performances with the shirt of Australia have attracted the attention of the big clubs. Did the Lady also put her eyes on the boy? Beware, because the Lady has her eyes on the boy. No, it is not a remake…read more

Juve, “Maximo” masterpiece: “ugly” team is a fake news

The Director of the Journal: Once the adjectives are gone, the figures remain. Starting with the seven, the sacred number that in many cultures and religions indicates perfection. But the highest mark goes to his prophet: Max Allegri Juventus is infinite and Allegri is its prophet. Chronicle of a triumph announced but not for this…read more

Juventus, Marotta: “Allegri continues, Dybala remains, Pjaca returns, Mandzu must evaluate”

Juventus’s a.d at RadioUno: “Perin? No negotiation, but we like it … The Champions goal of next season, Real the strongest team in the world” Now comes his moment: Beppe Marotta after winning the seventh championship enters the phase of the season in which his work is more pressing and especially in the spotlight. The…read more

Juve, Dybala, now you need a shot

Look for brilliance after workloads to recover. Risk calculated by Allegri, who wanted him to the top for the final Andre Agassi tells in his biography, Open, that a victory is not so pleasant as it is a painful defeat. And that does not count in life but how long it takes you to get…read more

Juventus, Dybala is already aiming for Napoli

La Joya, among the worst at the Scida even for a shot received after 20 ‘, wants to redeem himself in the game that can decide the championship. Recovered Pjanic and Mandzukic If that of Crotone was not the worst Juventus of the year, we miss it. If the one seen yesterday in Calabria was…read more

Juve-Napoli, opposing worlds: genius, collective, centimeters and …

Allegri and Sarri have built two scoring machines with very different principles, philosophies and playing styles. Paths that never meet, same goal: here are the 5 main differences Opposite worlds? Juventus and Naples are, and do not lose an opportunity to confirm it. They do not talk, they do not meet, but in 48 hours…read more

Juve-Real: Dybala and the defense keys to do the business

The blancos are the strongest, but they suffer when they start again with quality and speed. La Joya will have to be decisive across the board, Higuain has to redeem Cardiff Real Madrid goes on the field as a favorite in the double confrontation with Juventus. For the quality of the rose, solutions from the…read more

Juve-Real poll, from Ramos-Chiellini to Ronaldo-Dybala. Choose the best

Tonight the first act of the Champions League quarter-finals. Wednesday, April 11, the return to the Bernabeu. Vote for the best role for Cardiff’s revenge role The time has come for the revenge of the Cardiff final. After 10 months Juventus and Real Madrid will face again and they will do it in the Champions…read more

Juve, third Hector mission: like the German southpaw

With the probable departure of Asamoah and the possible one of Alex Sandro, in addition to Spinazzola could arrive in Turin the fullback of the Colony With Asamoah that seems to approach Inter, with Alex Sandro that next summer could give that farewell jumped a few months ago (on the Brazilian there would also be…read more

Juventus, optimism for Real: Chiellini is there, Alex Sandro maybe

The investigations conducted this morning by the Brazilian allow cautious optimism in view of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The defender could instead return already against Milan Alex Sandro’s situation is less serious than expected. The Brazilian side suffered a distraction to the right thigh during the withdrawal with Brazil and returned immediately to…read more

Dybala and Simeone, meeting in Madrid. But it was just a greeting

The Juventus star and the Atletico coach met yesterday evening at the restaurant, unleashing the market tam-tam. Paulo chatted for 10 minutes with Cholo, before returning to his table. You take a couple of days off and twice you find yourself opening up many, even if not all, sports information organs. And not only. If…read more

Champions, Juventus Real in the clear on the new Channel 20 of Mediaset

On April 3 will go on stage the quarter-finals in the Bianconeri and the formation of Zinedine Zidane After some rumors circulated in recent days, official confirmation has arrived directly from the new Mediaset Channel 20: Juve-Real Madrid will be broadcast in the clear. This morning the new digital terrestrial channel debuted on the frequency…read more

Juventus, challenge to the All Star Mls on August 1st in Atlanta

Juventus will be the first Italian team to face the MLS All Star since 2013. The last time he touched Roma, who won 3-1. Last year, Real only came up on penalties To face their Stars in the traditional Midsummer All Star Game, this year Mls has chosen Juventus as an opponent. The bianconeri succeeded…read more

Turbo-Douglas, Champions and World: Costa accelerates and thanks Juventus

Stasera sarà impegnato nell’amichevole Russia-Brasile, poi Milan e Real Madrid per proseguire il sogno di vittoria. “Ma per vincere conta solo far bene in bianconero” Current events and projection. And the shot: that Douglas Costa is fast, you know, but it took some ‘time to fit the best in Juventus as well. But he is…read more