Juventus, Ronaldo: the global phenomenon. “Do you realize who took Agnelli?”

On his first day in bianconero it was possible to see all the greatness of CR7. The media around the world at his feet. “A figure beyond sport”

The CR7 day leaves a strong and clear message: someone has ever seen someone in Italy. None of the big ones who trod our fields was remotely comparable to Cristiano Ronaldo. Michel Platini and Diego Armando Maradona were champions who belonged to another era. The Ronaldo phenomenon was an extraterrestrial, but it was not what is CR7 in terms of media impact. In recent seasons the champions have been far from Serie A. The journalists who were stationed outside J Medical this morning repeated it like a mantra. “We are here – told a group of Germans – because Cristiano Ronaldo is a figure that goes beyond sport: it is a brand, an icon, a brand known all over the world, we do not have one like this in the Bundesliga. who took Agnelli? “. The Portuguese, close to Jorge Mendes, say they received the first good blow about two weeks ago and rushed to Turin. “We immediately thought that the wedding would be celebrated, because Juventus is an absolute excellence and Cristiano plays only for this type of team, but now that Milan is in crisis, the general public knows only Juventus”. There are also colleagues from China. “In our country, 30/40 players are cheering Milan, but the youngest are all Juventus, but now the Bianconeri will have millions more fans and the Serie A listens to the top again”.

UNIQUE CHARISM – If in recent years there has been a feeling that the Italian league was the periphery of football, the dark era is over. Cristiano Ronaldo immediately gave a taste of what is already its impact. He has a Hollywood actor’s mimicry, he puts the pauses at the right time, fixes his eyes when he answers the questions. If you look at it superficially it seems almost arrogant, but has the body language of those who have a boundless confidence in their own means: “In all the stages of my career all went well, I do not see why things have to change now, even because I know very well how I train and how I am physically “.

AND THE JUVE … – And while the d.s. Juventus Fabio Paratici underlined how after the conclusion of the negotiation CR7 has found the phone invaded by enthusiastic messages of its players, it was spontaneous to note that one like the Portuguese alien is a formidable stimulus to raise the bar again. Juventus has always done it in recent years. In the summer of 2006 he went out ravaged by Calciopoli, now he goes to get the strongest of all. Difficult that someone like CR7 arouses envy and jealousy, because it is universally recognized as the best. Which player would complain about the 31 million a year that the Portuguese earns? If it were a normal one, there would be a line out of Marotta’s office to ask for touch-ups. And you are lucky to be his partner, you strive to improve to be at his level and win his respect. Because you know it will help you win more, earn more. The same mission of Juventus.

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