Juventus, Marotta: “Allegri continues, Dybala remains, Pjaca returns, Mandzu must evaluate”

Juventus’s a.d at RadioUno: “Perin? No negotiation, but we like it … The Champions goal of next season, Real the strongest team in the world”

Now comes his moment: Beppe Marotta after winning the seventh championship enters the phase of the season in which his work is more pressing and especially in the spotlight. The managing director. bianconero takes stock of the next future at Radio Anch’Io Sport on RadioUno: “The future? The goal of the company is to always create a mix between young and old with the aim of winning. also in view of the purchase campaign.The Juve’s offensive set-up of this year was of the highest world level, which can also compete with Real itself. Then we have to imagine the future and this means investing in young people, but we have Dybala and Bernardeschi who are not yet 26, who will remain safe “.

Pjaca and Mandzu – About two other strikers, Marotta said: “Pjaca will come back with us, then we will evaluate what to do.” Mandzukic is a great player, we are happy but we need to understand what is in their head to understand if they are stimuli to continue this experience, I say yes “.

Merry – Chapter coach: “Allegri? We will have a confrontation with him in the next days, it also depends on his sentiment and his evaluations.” For our part there is great optimism, beyond the formal aspect of

The two-year contract that he still has with us, the assessment is that of a relationship that has worked to the maximum.The coach has proved his worth and I believe this relationship will continue.We recall very well when Allegri arrived, we were greeted by a hundred angry fans. the climate of that moment, linked to a bad assessment of the facts, we collected, confident of the choice and of having solved a problem of that moment.In the last 20 years the profile of the coach has changed, which must be good at managing the group. He must know how to prepare the team, but also manage the men and the communication with the players “.

Perin and gigio – The manager then comments on some market rumors: “Perin? Preziosi is a skilled president, he has created competitiveness among us, Napoli and other teams, Perin is a great goalkeeper but we did not go in, we only made some evaluations but we are far from a real negotiation: our intention is to have two great goalkeepers, because with the commitments we have we can not have two players of different value. “Donnarumma” We have made the choice of Szczesny, who will be the owner of the after Buffon: Beyond the profile and talent he has, we are not interested. “

Buffon – Indirectly confirms the by now almost discounted farewell to Buffon: “For Buffon they speak both his present and his story, leaving something memorable and of great value not only from a football but human point of view. great sense of belonging and knows how to convey great motivation.In the next days he will meet with President Agnelli to evaluate the future “.

Champions – Then focus on the objectives: To win the eighth you had to win the seventh, we wanted to absolutely capture this goal. We always get close to the Champions League, it is a feeling not only of us managers and coaches but above all of the fans. The main objective is that, but the difficulties are higher than the victory of a Scudetto. We have this goal and we will propose it immediately next season. “And speaking of the Champions League, Marotta is back on the elimination against Real Madrid recognizing that the Spanish team” was superior, as evidenced by the results of the last years. It is about to win the Champions again and for the record I remember that we were the last to eliminate Real in the last five years. Today it is by far the strongest team in the world. “For Marotta” to reach the final twice in three years is extraordinary, when we say that we win in Italy because there is no competitiveness, I also say that in Europe we have always arrived a lot come on”.

Var – The seventh consecutive Scudetto coincided with the first season of use of the Var: “It was important for us to win again this year, we succeeded and we are happy.” We have always said that we are in favor of video assistance to the referees. all the errors, we are still in the experimentation phase and I hope that the Uefa will give the definitive free way.I think the protocol should be modified a bit, in the sense that I would be in favor of extending the use of the Var to other situations, even if the centrality of the referee remains fundamental “.

Second teams – There is also talk of the upcoming introduction of the second teams: “We are absolutely in favor of the second teams, in fact, we were among the companies that pushed to achieve this result, I find the controversies of the last week puzzling. Europ, I do not understand these polemics.The second teams have an extremely important value in the sports economy of each club, they are optional and each club can use its own strategy.For one of our main objectives is to have every day, every day , a group of players not immediately ready for the first team but who, thanks to the comparison with the first team’s champions, can adapt and be used during the season, avoiding to weave people aged 33-34 who does not give you anything from the point of patrimonial view “.

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