Juventus, Dybala is already aiming for Napoli

La Joya, among the worst at the Scida even for a shot received after 20 ‘, wants to redeem himself in the game that can decide the championship. Recovered Pjanic and Mandzukic

If that of Crotone was not the worst Juventus of the year, we miss it. If the one seen yesterday in Calabria was not the most abusive of the year, we are close. The two points left to the Scida are not only explained by this correlation, but on certain evenings and on certain “campacci” in the province, sometimes it is just the play of your strongest player to solve the situation.

HAPPEN OVER – Samp was not needed for him, while Crotone Dybala has never recorded, also influenced by a blow received after 20 ‘and other caresses in succession. Nothing strange: if you are ten Juve and you have that talent there, you must also take into account the blows. This morning Dybala got up from a sore bed, but the afternoon training has already made it clear that Joya will be available against Naples on Sunday evening.

ALREADY – In the first leg his assist for Higuain, another player in trouble last night, decided Napoli-Juventus.Ora Dybala scored with the red pencil Sunday night game and the Italian Cup final with Milan. Two big games could also open the doors of the World by vice-Messi, a role that would leave it objectively on the sidelines but that he would accept with enthusiasm. Now Allegri will have to think about how to place it on Sunday evening. More than likely the recourse to 4-3-3: one between Higuain (very unlikely), he and Mandzukic (who worked in the group, as well as Pjanic) will have to start off the bench, given that the state of grace of Douglas Costa continues. Unless the “Allegrata” arrives in the Juve pentastellata version, a hypothesis that at the moment seems less probable.

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