Juve-Napoli, opposing worlds: genius, collective, centimeters and …

Allegri and Sarri have built two scoring machines with very different principles, philosophies and playing styles. Paths that never meet, same goal: here are the 5 main differences

Opposite worlds? Juventus and Naples are, and do not lose an opportunity to confirm it. They do not talk, they do not meet, but in 48 hours they will play a Scudetto. Prerequisite: no turnover, balances, rankings and economy parameters have anything to do with this. We leave executives and presidents in the grandstands. We go down exclusively in the field, and we do it in the literal sense of the term: this attempt to go to X-ray the two queens of Serie A focuses exclusively on field values. Tactics, quality and quantity of the organic, play styles. Let’s try to concentrate the main differences in five macro categories: models, patterns and characteristics at the antipodes. This is another reason why the challenge between Allegri and Sarri is extremely interesting: they travel along paths that have nothing similar to reach the same goal.

1. The Organic – It is the point from which (perhaps) everything is born: the depth of the organic. Allegri has become a master in the management of a deep, long rose, equipped to compete on all fronts: Max can count on 22 top players, all in all similar level, and turnover has become his secret weapon. Sarri does not sail in abundance: a bit ‘by choice a bit’ out of necessity, he built his project by surrendering to the eleven owners plus the twelfth Zielinski and little else (a few more chips for Diawara and returning from injury Milik is back to lend a hand). January did not help him: only exits, zero purchases.

2. Settings – OK: in the way Juve expresses itself is the image of solidity, Napoli enhances the pleasure of dribbling. But there are two aspects that stand out most of all in seeing the mechanisms of the two teams: the center of gravity and pressing. High, often very high, that of Napoli with a short team in twenty meters and ready to shoot with a suffocating pressing on the opponent’s possession or on the second balls. Juventus: more wait, less aggressive when losing the ball, Juventus knows how to become a block of imperforable granite. He prefers to wait, knowing that it’s hard to hurt.

3. Styles – It will be a coincidence that Napoli (along with Benevento and Udinese) is the club that has sent more players (no less than 15) on the net in this Serie A championship? Surely not. Naples and Juventus mark in different ways and ways: Sarri builds opportunities with the collective, Allegri relies on individuality. Napoli’s goals are often the result of patterns, overlaps, mechanisms, sometimes similar to each other; those of Juventus often of strokes of genius, from Pjanic to Dybala, from Higuain to Douglas Costa. Try to review the film of this championship: you will struggle to imagine the goal-type scored by Juve. Here too the statistics come to the rescue: the bianconeri are the team that scored the most in the second series (44 times) in this Serie A. When individual games have managed to break the balance.

4. Centimeters – Juve physical team, Naples definitely not. The bianconeri have an average height of 183.87 cm and an average weight of 79.2 kg, the Napoli (not surprisingly called the “little ones”) has an average height of 179.76 cm (it is the third lowest team of the Series A) and an average weight of 74.7 kg.

5. Experience – The last indicator we take into consideration is the one relating to the international cups won (we keep out the national leagues and trophies where the picture is unbalanced in favor of Juventus). What translated means experience. A value that in matches like the Stadium can be decisive. We take the eleven base of Juventus and that of Naples: in the field we find 11 cups against 9. It would seem a given balance, but those of the blues were raised only by Reina (4) and Albiol (5), Juve c ‘ it is more “team play” with more players used to winning.

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