Juve, “Maximo” masterpiece: “ugly” team is a fake news

The Director of the Journal: Once the adjectives are gone, the figures remain. Starting with the seven, the sacred number that in many cultures and religions indicates perfection. But the highest mark goes to his prophet: Max Allegri

Juventus is infinite and Allegri is its prophet. Chronicle of a triumph announced but not for this less important: under the stars of Rome, in the stadium that have recently elected to private Olympus, the bianconeri are pinned to the chest the seventh championship in a row completing the double with the Italian Cup in 5 days, fourth consecutive. It’s a record in the records, one of many. What more to say to emphasize the exceptional nature of this long era of domination and its formidable protagonists? When the adjectives are gone, the numbers remain. Starting with the seven, the sacred number that in most cultures and religions indicates completeness, perfection: seven are the days that mark life, the wonders of the world, the colors of the rainbow, the seals of the Apocalypse and , for cinema lovers, there are always seven magnificent and samurai. Obviously the seventh heaven is the Juventus fans who yesterday evening celebrated in the squares the longest winning streak in the history not only of our league but of all the football that counts, equalized only by Lyon in the early 2000s.

The ball – it is Allegri’s philosophy – often rolls in a bizarre way and in unexpected directions: for this reason the highest mark goes to him, the maximum lider able to read and anticipate events like no other, both on and off the pitch. Absolutely it was his year and his masterpiece, but also that of his heroes: Flash Gordon / Douglas Costa, Iron Man / Chiellini and Superman / Buffon on all, immediately followed by Pjanic, Matuidi, Dybala and the usual Higuain promoted with high marks in our pagellone. Yet the Lady has lived a season harder and more contrasted than others. The best sports bars in Italy have spent treasures of energy in the debate that has opposed the great Sarber beauty to the great concreteness of Allegri. Napoli knows how to enchant, Juventus can only collect, said the art critics of the ball, that we are millions and do not support Juventus. Max the Prophet, perhaps in the only communication mistake of the year, has provided them a full tank of fuel with that “who wants to have fun go to the circus” which sounded like the confirmation of a fear rather than a trumpet blast.

But the numbers, always they, tell another story. So far Juve have scored 9 goals more than Napoli and suffered 5 less, the best defense of the tournament. More short and compact than the opponents (32 meters against 33), he played less balls (on average 760 against 900) but he speeded up the maneuver with more throws and positive dribbling bringing home a percentage of achievement that made the difference (the 22 % of the occasions against 15%). In short, the idea of ​​”Juve ugly” can be comforting for the opponents, but the proof of the facts is a fake news. Even the most irreducible aesthetes will have to agree that the return of London with Tottenham and that of Madrid, or the second half of the Italian Cup final have put on display a team that knows how to express a superior level of football.
In short, net of the match against Inter and Orsato’s refereeing – which however will remain the controversial point, in the end not decisive but certainly important, of the season – Juve has confirmed the overwhelming power that all credited to the beginning of the championship . And that we certainly credit them for the next although the scenario is more complex than it appears in the euphoria of the triumph. A few days ago Allegri has broken, which rarely happens to him, fulminating those who hinted at the possible end of a cycle. Difficult to blame him given the circumstances. But it is clear that, after the seventh seal, the bianconeri history is destined to face the theme of change.
The heroes grow old or leave and entire departments will be redesigned, even if the preventive market of Marotta and Paratici has already brought home weight alternatives such as Spinazzola, Caldara and Emre Can. In reality, the true unknown concerns the helmsman. Max will remain (as it appears most probable in these days) and will shape the renewal or will it allow itself to be attracted by the sirens of the English football? The answer, which we will know by living, will mark the difference between evolution and revolution. Uncertainty, however, should not delude the mute of frustrated opponents. Seven times seven risks being an easy prophecy.

Eight years ago, Agnelli took a team with 156 million turnover and brought it to 422 million, centering an impressive number of goals including two Champions finals. Impeccable management: the Lady is among the ten richest top clubs in Europe. On an Italian scale, a giant in a world of dwarfs. Or sick, which is worse. Naples, Inter and Milan charge just over half. The million dollar question is who, and how, can stop the supremacy of Juventus. The only possible answer is to try to imitate it. Ambitious program, but someone will have to try and start with what you can not see in the field but in the end it decides everything: the project and its management.

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