Juve, Dybala, now you need a shot

Look for brilliance after workloads to recover. Risk calculated by Allegri, who wanted him to the top for the final

Andre Agassi tells in his biography, Open, that a victory is not so pleasant as it is a painful defeat. And that does not count in life but how long it takes you to get up. They count self-confidence and the awareness that every time you fail, you will be able to come back stronger and more determined than before. Open is one of the cult books of Paulo Dybala and the story of Agassi, who has always used the racquet to deny his detractors is the best example to follow. Behind the enterprises of the American tennis player there are abysses and rebirths, disappointments and stubbornness. Dybala has already turned the page: the bad performance on Sunday, the replacement and then the defeat. He knows he is not at the top, but the goal is to reach him on Saturday at San Siro against Inter, in the race of truth for him and for all, when he will have legs less ballasted by loads of work. A risk calculated by Massimiliano Allegri and the Juventus staff, who wanted to make a remise en forme in view of the last delicate month of the season.

LOADS AND RECOVERY – The reason why Dybala did not get together with the rest of the team on the plane to Madrid for the return leg of the Champions League quarters is strictly practical: Paulo, disqualified after being sent off by double yellow for the first leg , he remained in Vinovo to sweat with Howedes and Bentancur. Athletic work to compensate for the lack of winter recall, given that the diez of the Lady during the January stop was injured. Fatigue that the player took a little ‘to dispose of: in the last games was packed and after an athletic call there can be. Allegri had asked Dybala more pressing against Napoli, but the striker tried but his legs did not turn like he wanted. For this the technician took it off in the second half, hoping to have more brilliance and more run with Cuadrado. The technician had taken into account a drop in performance at this stage, now the goal is to recover and return to shoot and enchant. “Each player is different from the other and has his time to dispose of specific jobs – explains Giovanni Bonocore, who has long been the personal trainer of Alessandro Del Piero in the Bianconeri years -, Dybala has white and fast fibers, needs work intense but very short Sunday night watching him from the TV I had the impression that he had no intensity, not only to him but also to his other companions “. The few days that are lacking in the match with Inter, however, may be enough for the old Paulo to return: “In these cases recovery is fundamental – adds Bonocore – as is neuromuscular work, just as it will be important to release the tension in moments. extra kick – even a better social life can help to recharge. “

HIGH AND LOW – The San Siro race can become for him the watershed of the season. The game that makes the difference, the exam that makes you sketch the average at university. The Dybala season has been a continuous sway between peaks and depressions, super performances and evenings to be forgotten, a bit like Agassi’s career. The beginning was an upward trend for goals scored and magic given to the fans, then there was the drop (which Allegri has always defined physiological) at the end of 2017, prelude to the accident of the Befana. And perhaps one of the saddest moments of his first round was the bench against Inter, when he only took part in the final quarter of an hour. Dybala was not the only one to knock off the decisive night, he was wrecked along with the rest of the team. From those who have more means, however, we expect more and more, so the criticisms have also been fierce. Paulo is the student with the gift of talent, with which the teacher tends to be increasingly severe. A champion can accept, reset and start again, without anxiety and without fear.

DREAMING ALE – Dybala at San Siro scored only once, at Milan and at the time of Palermo. Never at Inter, never with Juventus shirt. At San Siro an old number 10 Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero, in the 2005-06 season turned a penalty in the Scudetto goal (later revoked for Calciopoli) and celebrated by making the tongue. Dybala works for a shirt from the owner and dreams of a night at the Ale. To cancel the goal of Koulibaly and keep the flame of the seventh Scudetto lit.

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