Monthly Archives: April 25, 2018

Juve, Dybala, now you need a shot

Look for brilliance after workloads to recover. Risk calculated by Allegri, who wanted him to the top for the final Andre Agassi tells in his biography, Open, that a victory is not so pleasant as it is a painful defeat. And that does not count in life but how long it takes you to get…read more

Juventus, Dybala is already aiming for Napoli

La Joya, among the worst at the Scida even for a shot received after 20 ‘, wants to redeem himself in the game that can decide the championship. Recovered Pjanic and Mandzukic If that of Crotone was not the worst Juventus of the year, we miss it. If the one seen yesterday in Calabria was…read more

Juve-Napoli, opposing worlds: genius, collective, centimeters and …

Allegri and Sarri have built two scoring machines with very different principles, philosophies and playing styles. Paths that never meet, same goal: here are the 5 main differences Opposite worlds? Juventus and Naples are, and do not lose an opportunity to confirm it. They do not talk, they do not meet, but in 48 hours…read more

Juventus. Merry: “Thanks Pjanic … if not Douglas did not enter”

The coach of Juventus first ironizes on the change, then praises the team: “It was not easy after a match like the one in Madrid: the future? Total harmony with the company” Massimiliano Allegri enjoys an unquestionable victory, the one on Samp, which brings Juve to +6 over Napoli. “Douglas decisive entry? We have to…read more

Juve to +6 to six days from the end: no one has ever recovered so much

With the 3-point rule, such an advantage has never been wasted. And the Juventus party could shoot at San Siro with Inter The fans of Juventus are allowed to make all the spells of the case but the advantage of Allegri’s team is a very serious mortgage on the seventh consecutive title tells the story….read more

Juventus, the defense this time betrays. For Higuain another Cardiff

Against a stellar Real, the Bianconeri were anything but perfect: disappointing Chiellini, bad Barzagli, step back by Douglas Costa. Dybala faded, the Pipita does not sting The question after games like that with Real arises: what did not work in Juventus? The most appropriate answer would be: Real Madrid. Allegri’s team loses against an opponent…read more

Real Madrid, Ronaldo: “Fantastic goal, thanks to Juve fans”

“It was fantastic, the standing ovation, I thank the Juventus fans a lot, in my career I have never done so” “Yes, it was an extraordinary goal”. At the end of the match, Cristiano Ronaldo enjoys what has been a fantastic evening and the two wonderful goals that have demolished Juventus. He is the absolute…read more